Online Voting

Online voting is a way of casting a vote or opinion online, via electronic means. It is a preferred voting channel for many organisations running board, council or committee elections, referendums, polls or AGMs, due to its ease and flexibility. With voter encryption and different levels of voter security, our online voting system offers the most secure system on the market. In addition, our online voting system can be branded with a client’s logo, colour scheme and imagery to make it recognisable and appealing to the voter.

We also offer different voting methods as part of our online voting package. Voting methods include the Single Transferable Vote (STV), First Past the Post (FPTP), and AGM Voting.

UK Engage is a leader in digital democracy and we have a dedicated research and development team to support the ongoing innovation of online voting.

Reasons to choose online voting
FPTP & STV  voting
FPTP & STV Voting Methods
Responsive design
Responsive Design
DedIcated support team
Dedicated Support Team
Fully hosted in the UK
Secure Hosting
Reduces print & postage costs
Reduces Print / Postage Costs
Quick, efficient & accurate count
Quick and Easy Count
Customisable to a client's brand
Supports Client's Branding
Secure e-voting platform
Secure Online Voting Platform
Use alone or with paper ballots
Use With Paper Ballots
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly


Please try our Single Transferable Vote (STV), First Past the Post (FPTP), and AGM online voting demos.

Voting by ranking candidates numerically

Voting by marking candidates with an X

Voting for people, resolutions, or to appoint a proxy

Voter Turnout Dashboard

Real-time reporting is available for our clients via our voter turnout dashboard

Daily Voting Progress

Clients have their own login details to view real-time online voting progress. See how many votes have been cast per day or per hour. You can even set a voter turnout target and check your progress. If voter turnout is lower than anticipated, we can develop tactics to boost turnout, based on the real-time figures.

Hourly Voting Progress

Our online voting system shows you the votes cast per hour, giving you visibility of when your members are voting.

Voting by Gender

You can see whether females or males are more engaged with your election. As the online voting system encrypts all votes, it can report if an individual has voted, but not how they voted. If gender is uploaded against an individual’s voting 'PIN', we can determine gender votes.

Voting by Channel

See which channel individuals are more engaged with our channel reporting function. This can help to track trends and help to make decisions on the ‘channel mix’ for any future elections.


Reference Material

Want to know more about our online voting system? Access our case studies and e-democracy blogs to find out more.

What our clients think

"As part of the new governance structure it was important that we demonstrated our commitment to democracy and transparency. We wanted to put members at the heart of the election and so adopted a multi-channel approach. Using online and traditional methods, we were able to ensure all our members were given the option to participate in the election in a way which best suited them. UK Engage facilitated this process with excellent professionalism."

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

"The dedicated support we received from UK Engage was excellent from day one. We had fantastic engagement with our employees throughout the world, and the online voting system allowed votes to be cast from all over the world, quickly and efficiently. Due to this our voter turnout was higher than we expected. It was an extremely efficient and well-run election."

Broadway Malyan

"Clarion Housing Group believes it is important to be open and transparent in all that we do. In UK Engage we found an organisation which is experienced in running impartial and transparent democratic processes. In addition, its online system was secure and easy-to-use, which made expressing an opinion
very easy for our employees."

Clarion Housing Group

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