Trade Union Elections & Ballots

Approved scrutineer for trade union elections & ballots

UK Engage_Trade Union Elections & Ballots

UK Engage has been passed by Parliament to administer independent scrutineer services for statutory trade union elections & ballots including: –

  • Industrial action ballots
  • Executive election ballots
  • Mergers and demerger ballots
  • Recognition and derecognition ballots

As one of the most experienced independent scrutineers in the country, our service package includes the seamless administration of statutory and non-statutory elections, polls and ballots.  We have a strong heritage in administering critical and sometimes complex statutory elections, which has meant that we have gained a wealth of experience in this field, and in the printing and mailing of ballot papers and election stationery (in 2017 we delivered in the region of 22 million pieces of election material).

What you can expect from our service

  • Experience in the administration of both statutory and non-statutory elections, ballots and AGMs
  • A dedicated trade union team including senior account managers and delivery specialists
  • Knowledgeable team that has full legislative knowledge of trade union ballots
  • Application of member engagement techniques to the trade union sector
  • 99% customer satisfaction rating in 2017
  • Trade union proven and secure electronic voting platform in anticipation of changes to the law

Engaging with Trade Union Members

From research conducted with trade unions we know that low voter turnout and member engagement are key pain points for trade unions.  Our flexible approach means that we can help, advise and implement engagement strategies independently or in conjunction with dedicated communications teams.

Ballot solutions for the future 

Currently the use of online voting for trade unions isn’t allowed by law. However, should the law change we have a secure online voting platform supports millions of votes each year. Furthermore, it encrypts each and every vote and supports voter verification in the form of one, two or three factors before the system will allow you to vote, offering the client the level of security they are most comfortable with.

In our capacity of one of the country’s leading independent scrutineers, we liaise with leading authorities both in the UK and Europe to gain valuable insight in to how some European countries have successful implemented online voting for trade union elections & ballots.

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For more information about our independent scrutineer services for trade unions, please contact our team on: –

Tel: 0161 209 4808