Trade Union Elections and Ballots

Election services for trade union elections and ballots

UK Engage has been passed by Parliament to administer independent scrutineer services for statutory trade union elections and ballots, including: –

  • Industrial action ballots
  • Executive election ballots
  • Mergers and demerger ballots
  • Recognition and derecognition ballots
  • Board elections
  • AGMs

As one of the most experienced independent ballot scrutineers in the country, our election and ballot services for trade unions include the seamless administration of statutory and non-statutory elections, polls and ballots.  Furthermore, we have a strong heritage in administering critical and sometimes complex statutory elections, which has meant that we have gained a wealth of experience in this field, and in the print and mail of ballot papers and election stationery. As a result, our service is tailor-made for trade union elections and ballots, which is supported by the testimonials from our clients.

A digitally future-proof ballot scrutineer

Although the use of electronic voting isn’t currently allowed by law for statutory trade union elections and ballots, we have our own electronic voting system, which can be utilised to run trade union ballots as and when the law changes (or for non-statutory contests). As a leading ballot scrutineer, we liaise with leading authorities, both in the UK and across Europe, to gain valuable insight into how some European countries have successfully implemented electronic voting for trade elections and ballots. We have a leading, secure e-voting platform and welcomed the recommendation for e-voting testing set out in Sir Ken Knight’s Electronic balloting for industrial action: Knight Review, in 2017.

To find out more about how we administer trade union elections and ballots, take a look a the available case studies below. or contact our team.  We will also be exhibiting at this year’s TUC Congress.

Trade Union Elections & Ballots

Industrial action ballots

Executive election ballots

Board elections

Recognition and derecognition ballots


Mergers and demerger ballots


Do you have an election, ballot, poll, referendum, AGM or another process you need help with?

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