Trade Union Elections & Ballots

Elections services for trade unions elections and ballots

UK Engage has been passed by Parliament to administer independent scrutineer services for statutory trade union elections & ballots including: –

  • Industrial action ballots
  • Executive election ballots
  • Mergers and demerger ballots
  • Recognition and derecognition ballots
  • Board elections
  • AGMs

As one of the most experienced independent scrutineers in the country, our service package includes the seamless administration of statutory and non-statutory elections, polls and ballots.  We have a strong heritage in administering critical and sometimes complex statutory elections, which has meant that we have gained a wealth of experience in this field, and in the printing and mailing of ballot papers and election stationery.

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Industrial action ballots

Executive election ballots

Board elections

Recognition and derecognition ballots


Mergers and demerger ballots


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