Postal ballots, e-voting, SMS  and handheld voting – let us make sure your voting options are executed as well as they can be

Electoral support for all your elections, voting and ballot needs

Voting ballot box inserting a vote

Any election, in any arena, can be not only complex but it also requires the highest level of integrity, security and accountability. UK Engage has a proven track record of attaining and surpassing all the required standards efficiently and cost-effectively, with speedy results and clear reporting, as well as scrutineering and adjudication where required.

Using a combination of expert human resources and advanced technology such as automated counting systems, UK Engage can provide complete bespoke electoral support solutions in any application where a ballot, referendum or any other form of voting is required.

UK Engage offers a wealth of expertise in every aspect of electoral support administration, management and adjudication of all forms of election and referendum. From local and regional public ballots to conventional postal and ballot box elections, UK Engage has been providing expert solutions for more than 25 years.

Postal ballots
We offer a range of pre-formatted postal ballot packs, which can be branded and re-tailored to suit any specific project. These – and proxy nominations – are extensively tested to generate above average returns. We can also securely manage and sort membership data, produce and mail postal ballots, in Mailsort or Walksort order (minimising your postage costs), and then independently receive, verify and count responses, giving you a fully audited results report to present to your stakeholders.

Electronic voting, SMS voting and handheld digital voting

Electronic voting is playing an ever more significant role in the world of elections, often working alongside a conventional postal ballot to offer voters a choice of response methods.  At UK Engage we offer efficient, secure and traceable solutions, whether you choose e-voting, SMS text message voting or handheld digital voting.  Whatever your needs, at UK Engage we can harness single or multiple media options combining the rapid response of new media with the solid – and often constitutionally required – postal ballot.

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Our solution

We provide a secure e-voting platform that allows voters to cast an electronic vote in an election or referendum or submit a proxy vote for a General Meeting. All popular voting systems including first past the post (FPTP) and the single transferable vote (STV) are available.

Handheld Digital Voting

Handheld voting is a service we offer to clients who require an immediate audience response, whether that is a voting statistic or an answer to a question that encourages participation.  Therefore, handheld voting is ideal for organisations that are running an AGM, EGM, SGM, conference, workshop or other type of event.

As voting specialists, UK Engage, can help in scenarios where votes need to be cast and counted accurately and quickly, or in some cases instantaneously.

How does it work?

Voters simply select the button which reflects their preference.  This information is then sent automatically to a receiver, which processes and displays the results immediately.

  • Fast, accurate count (no spoiled votes)
  • Determine voter turnout quickly
  • Results can be presented quickly via clear graphics
  • Limit the requirement for count staff
  • Easy to use handheld devices
  • Full technical support at events

If you have a meeting or event that requires an audience response system (ARS), please contact UK Engage.

Security and reporting
Security and accuracy are at the heart of any electoral system, no other aspect of the democratic system more clearly highlights the need to entrust the matter to experts. At UK Engage, electoral security has always been second nature in everything we do. Sensitive data is identified and treated confidentially, procedures of notification and information are followed precisely and results reporting is carried out. This applies equally to every aspect of our service, including data capture, online voting, counting, verification, scrutineering and reporting for post-election analysis.

Postal ballots, e-voting, hand-held voting or SMS voting…get in touch with UK Engage today and find out what we can do for you.