Vote in Person

UK Engage supports organisations who have voting at AGMs and other types of meetings, events, conferences and in store. We have different voting mechanisms and event support and independent adjudication. Our vote in person mechanisms include hand-held digital device, electronic devices or a traditional paper ballot.

AGM Voting Services

We provide onsite voting support for Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Our AGM voting services support the entire member engagement and election process of your AGM professionally, securely and efficiently.  From voting leading up to the AGM and registration on the day, to managing voting devices and mechanisms at your meeting, and finally adjudicating the count. UK Engage offer the whole package of AGM voting services.

As well as AGM voting services we provide the same service for Extraordinary General Meeting (EGMs) and Special General Meetings (SGMs).


Our team is fully trained at registering members at meetings and events and will make sure registration goes smoothly.

Voting Mechanisms

We can provide hand-held voting devices and paper ballot solutions for voting on the day.


A support team will be on hand throughout the event to assist with all aspects of the voting.


Our team will quickly count the results on the day and compile them with previous votes, using a marked register to avoid duplication and technology to speed up the count.

On site Elections

Whether you require an on site kiosk, booth, polling station, ballot box or the use of hand-held voting devices. UK Engage can provide the correct voting system for your particular on site election, poll or ballot.  Holding an on site election makes the most of footfall in a particular space. In this scenario our on site election services work well for student union elections where there is a lot of student traffic.

In store Voting

For clients in the retail sector, in store voting is a popular concept to generate additional voter turnout, as customers pass through the stores to make their purchases.  We provide in store voting for retail cooperatives, where members can take the opportunity to vote in store via a unique voting code, while shopping.  In store voting works best when we have planned and executed postal and/or email communications to inform members that they can vote in store.


Do you have an election, ballot, poll, referendum, AGM or another process you need help with?

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