Election services for professional bodies and membership organisations

Bespoke election services and engagement techniques for professional bodies and membership organisations


UK Engage provides an election service that is tailored to the exact requirements of individual professional bodies and membership organisations.

Acting as a Returning Officer or Independent Scrutineer, and in accordance with constitutions and articles of association, we work with professional bodies and membership organisations to deliver an impartial, efficient election service. In addition, we deliver tried and tested techniques which help you engage with your membership, in order to achieve the maximum participation possible.

We understand that the ‘member experience’ is important to all organisations which operate on behalf of members.  We aim to create a positive experience for your members when administering your Council, Committee or Board election or AGM. Furthermore, by using a range of techniques and channels we provide an election experience which suits both the organisation and its members.

By offering clients a choice of channels in which to carry out both the nomination and ballot stages of an election, UK Engage can tailor the package to your exact requirements, membership communication preferences and budget. Typically, clients opt for a combination of postal nomination forms, candidate statements, ballot packs and information mailings to supplement online nominations, e-voting, email communications and SMS text messages.

By incorporating online nominations and e-voting into your election or ballot process, UK Engage can help to improve the election experience for your members.  Digital methods of democracy are quick and easy to use for your members and can reduced print and postal costs for your organisation.

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