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Other areas of expertise

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UK Engage offers a wealth of expertise in all aspects of electoral services, voting, survey, scrutineering, adjudication services, member engagement and referendum management. From local and regional public ballots, plc and other corporate voting to conventional postal and ballot-box elections and secure and monitored e-voting – we have been providing expert, professional referendum and electoral services for more than 25 years, and are the provider of choice for many councils and private and public sector organisations and trusted by more than 100 professional bodies across the UK.

Experts in elections, referenda, voting and ballot services for public sector and corporate bodies of all kinds, we can help you with the following:

  • Accredited election management, secure e-voting and conventional postal ballots
  • Electronic ballot, survey and referendum management
  • Design, production, mailing and receipt of postal ballots
  • Corporate electoral support, e.g. AGM/EGM voting and verification
  • Independent scrutineering and adjudication of ballots, ensuring absolute integrity and transparency
  • Accredited election management, secure e-voting and conventional postal

Some of our other areas of expertise include:

Design and print fulfilment

Every paper-based poll requires different printed matter and print fulfilment, in most cases involving statutory and obligatory elements, as well as the need for clarity and ease of use. At UK Engage we have extensive experience of providing design and print fulfilment to all formal requirements, as well as with a design that is both easy to use and appealing to the eye.

Financial and other sensitive mailings

Working with our parent group, Print Image Network, we can harness extensive experience in accepting, sorting and merging data to create complex mailings such as cheques, dividends, statements, invoices, payroll notifications and other sensitive mailings. Security measures, either overt or covert can be integrated as required.

Data management

At UK Engage we can use our data or filter your own data to socio-economic, geographical or political boundaries to help you target specific stakeholder or user groups as accurately as possible.

At UK Engage, we provide fully-managed electoral services, on budget, on time and with complete integrity and transparency. Every year we provide election support and – where required, returning officer scrutineering – for more than 500 ballots and referenda of every kind, including multiple-candidate voting, single transferable vote (stv) and simple yes/no referenda. Whether you are engaging with shareholders, customers, or the electorate as a whole, UK Engage can create a bespoke election support package to ensure maximum value for ballots and referenda.

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