Electronic Voting

A modern and secure electronic voting platform

Electronic voting, also known as e-voting, internet voting, online voting or digital voting, is being used more and more in organisational elections, ballots and AGMs.  It’s an extremely popular method of casting a vote because it is quick, easy-to-do and cost-effective.

UK Engage has recently updated our electronic voting platform to make it the most secure, exciting and innovative platform on the market. Our e-voting platform offers many benefits for clients and their members.

  • Security: Hosted in the UK, our secure platform encrypts each and every election, offering voter confidentiality as well as supporting one, two and three-factor verification.
  • Functionality: Allows voters to cast STV and FPTP votes securely, quickly and easily.
  • Modular: It can be used alone, as part of our digital election system, known as our election and engagement hub, or alongside paper voting.
  • Accessibility: Voting can happen anywhere, at any time – at the convenience of the voter.
  • Value: Using e-voting eliminates print and postage costs.
  • Brand Identity: Our e-voting platform is customisable. Images, logos and colours can be incorporated to apply you branding to the e-voting site.
  • Engagement: Voters can engage with individual candidate manifestos via online and video statements
  • Optimisation: The platform allows a true online experience and is optimised for use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Communication: Voters can share their experience, telling friends and contacts they have voted via embedded social media channels.
  • Efficiency: Quick, easy and accurate count (zero spoils)
  • Reporting: Direct access to real-time reporting on turnout and voting patterns.
  • Environment: Reduces the effect your election has on the environment.
  • Support: A dedicated technical team supports your e-voting site

Our other digital solutions include online candidate nominations (via our election and engagement hub), emails (html and plain text), social media engagement, webinars, election analytics, SMS text voting and SMS text reminders, and handheld voting.

Electronic Voting – Demonstration

You can trial our voting site below by clicking the screen and using the codes for the demo you want to see.

Electronic Voting

Single Transferable Vote (STV) Demo

Factor 1: AB123456
Factor 2: STV

First Past the Post (FPTP) Demo

Factor 1: AB123456
Factor 2: FPTP

To find out more about our system or to request your bespoke demo, please contact us on the details below.

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