Digital Election System

Our enhanced online system for nominations, elections and engagement

Today, most organisations that practice democracy incorporate digital solutions into their elections, ballots and AGMs.  A digital election system incorporates solutions such as online candidate nomination forms and e-voting platforms. This combined solution offers many benefits for organisations and their members. For organisations, cost, security, real-time updates and ease of administration are some of the reasons for choosing digital solutions. For members, the simplicity these solutions offers a more efficient way to participate.

UK Engage has enhanced our online services and has a new digital election system to accommodate the changing needs of our clients.  Our digital election and engagement hub is an all-encompassing, bespoke portal, which supports each stage of an election.

Engage with members:

  • Develop a brand-compliant election and engagement ‘hub’
  • Build your virtual election community
  • One-stop-shop for all election-related information
  • Encourage participation and support debate through social interaction
  • Post updates, news and election results

Candidate nomination:

  • Eligible members can register their nomination for candidacy
  • Specified word-limits support quick and efficient candidate applications
  • Save applications and upload photos
  • Moderation and ‘go live’ functions for candidate statements


  • The most secure e-voting system in the UK
  • Encrypt each and every election
  • One, two and three-factor verification available
  • Apply your brand identity
  • STV and FPTP voting methods
  • Fast, efficient and easy to use

Our digital election system is flexible and components can be used together or stand alone. For clients who want to handle the nomination process internally, our secure, easy-to-use e-voting platform can be used as a stand-alone solution.

To find out more about our digital election system or to request a demonstration, please contact us today:

Tel: 0161 209 4808