UK Engage launches enhanced digital election system into the UK market

March 23rd, 2017

An improved election system to administer elections and improve engagement


UK Engage has launched an enhanced digital election system into the UK market.  The system is aimed at organisations and institutions that practice democracy by electing members to positions of responsibility to boards, councils and committees.

The digital election system can replace or complement the traditional printed elements often associated with running an election, such as paper nomination application forms, candidate statements and postal ballot packs.  In addition, the system acts a central ‘hub’ for the election, building a virtual election community, where members of an organisation can download  information, ask questions, support debate, put themselves forward as candidates and vote in the election.

In recent years, the demand for secure online membership-based democracy, especially electronic voting, has soared.  In response to this demand, UK Engage has launched a system that meets its clients’ needs, combining security, aesthetics and functionality.

John Foster, Managing Director at UK Engage, said of the new system “We are confident that the new system provides customers with a complete digital election system; it is unique to any other system on the market.  The system allows UK Engage to provide customers with a solution that supports candidate nominations, e-voting and engagement – acting as a client’s bespoke election online community.”

Services Director, Stephen Power, added “As elections become paperless throughout Europe, the UK market has few suppliers that can now offer a system as secure, yet simple to use. Early indications show that the enhancements we have made have been extremely well-received. Customers like the new features, especially the security elements and the new design opportunities clients have to customise the e-voting platform to replicate their brand identity.”

To find out more about UK Engage’s improved digital election system or to request a demonstration, please contact us today:

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Member participation in MNT pension scheme elections

February 14th, 2017

Making it simple for eligible members to participate in democracy

The transparency of a pension scheme election is crucial to its credibility. Confidence in the process is fundamental to its success, especially as MNT pension scheme elections and governance remain a leading topic within the industry. For this reason pension schemes must ensure that MNT pension scheme elections are transparent, secure and open to all eligible members.

UK Engage takes a quick look at three ways to ensure MNT elections are easily accessible to all members.

Communicate extensively to all members:
In order to allow your members to participate in the decision making process, your election should have a pre-election engagement strategy. For members to be fully involved in the process they first have to know about it. By informing members of the election early you are able react to any questions and queries your members may have before the nomination period. Clear communication of what is required to (a) become a nominee for election to the board and (b) how to vote in the election, will make the process relatively straightforward.  Consider using different channels to get your election-related messages out to you members. The most common channels are letters and information packs, emails and websites.

Explain the role and duties:
The role of a Member-Nominated Trustee is one which requires skill, experience and knowledge. Explaining what the role entails will allow members to acknowledge whether the role is right for them. Having a two-way method of communication (with the pension scheme or your election services provider), will allow candidates to access information, from which they can make an informed decision as to stand as a candidate or not.  Allowing candidates to have supporters or referees will add credibility to candidate nominations.

Make it easy for members to vote:
Making ballots more accessible is a key sign that a pension scheme is putting its members first and encouraging member participation. Making voting easy will have a positive impact on your voter turnout. Whether the voting method you opt for is online (via an e-voting platform), postal, or both, the systems you have in place must make the act of casting a vote easy to do. Providing unique voting credentials, voting instructions and FAQs will help members to cast their vote with ease.

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UK Engage’s new online voting platform helps to raise money for charity

January 23rd, 2017

Customers vote from a selection of charities via online voting, in the company’s annual Christmas donation.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, election service provider, UK Engage, has an annual commitment to donate to charities.  Each year, the team at UK Engage submits suggestions for charities it would like to support.  At the end of last year, UK Engage invited customers to vote for one of three charities, via its new online voting site, as an alternative to receiving a Christmas greeting card.

The charities included in the vote were Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research and Help 4 Heroes. As a result of customer votes UK Engage donated over £390 to the three charities.

Charitable donations are just one part of UK Engage’s CSR policy and make up part of its community involvement. Developing online election and engagement solutions is another part of the policy, as it reduces the paper the company uses on candidate nomination forms and statements, ballot packs and other printed communications  – which helps support its environmental action.

Being ISO 9001 and 27001:13 compliant for a number of years, UK Engage continually strives to keep up the high standards it has in relation to its current ISO Standards and considers new ones for the future, for the benefit of all the stakeholders it engages with.

UK Engage’s new online voting site is one of the most secure, easy to use and visually pleasing on the market.  Organisations which have online voting as part of their election process have praised the site for its unique features, simplicity and security.

To find out more about UK Engage, ISO Standards or its online voting and engagement solutions, please contact UK Engage:-

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UK Engage is announced as an Official Membership Excellence 2017 (#MEMX2017) Delivery Affiliate

January 9th, 2017

Election services provider, UK Engage, will equip #MEMX2017 delegates with a handheld digital voting solution during the forthcoming one-day conference


Election services and member engagement specialist UK Engage, will partner the UK’s leading membership and association professional network – MemberWise, at the #MEMX2017 event on 27th April 2017. The event, which is aimed at membership organisations and associations of all shapes and sizes, celebrates and promotes best practice for organisations hoping to engage with members, to ensure a positive and fulfilling membership experience.

UK Engage has been a MemberWise approved supplier for three years. As a leading elections service provider, UK Engage fully supports the network’s objectives to improve member engagement, especially in relation to governance by providing engagement, election and ballot services to membership organisations across the UK.

The one-day event encourages interaction and participation with delegates, which is similar to the way UK Engage approaches elections with its clients.  One way MemberWise has successfully improved interaction over the years, has been to encourage delegates to vote on key thoughts and questions, during the popular keynote and seminar sessions.

This year, UK Engage will be providing handheld digital voting for all delegates who attend the seminar sessions held in the main auditorium at the event’s venue – the Park Plaza Hotel, Victoria, London.

Clara Robinson, Marketing Manager at UK Engage, says of the partnership announcement, “UK Engage is delighted to be an Official Delivery Affiliate at MEMX2017. Since becoming a member in 2014, we have seen the network grow significantly and the conferences have fast-become one of the key events in the membership calendar.”

She continued, “To be involved in an event which supports member engagement completely fits with our company ethos; we constantly try to encourage participation, involvement and engagement when administering elections, ballots and AGMs. We fully support this event and are delighted to supply the handheld voting devices so that delegates can vote on key questions, throughout the day.”

MemberWise’s MEMX2017 Conference takes place on the 27th April 2017 at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel. UK Engage will be exhibiting at Stand 14.

Contact MemberWise for tickets:

Ticket Offer: From 5th January to 31st March association and membership professionals have exclusive access to Early Bird (£50 off) and group booking discounts (3 for 2). For further information about #MEMX2017 visit

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UK Engage improves its customer satisfaction rating

January 5th, 2017

The election services provider improves its customer satisfaction level to 98%, following its latest customer satisfaction survey


Results from last year showed that UK Engage, one of the leading election and engagement services providers, improved it customer satisfaction rating from 2015, by 4%.

As part of its commitment to the Customer Service Excellence Standard, UK Engage carries out an annual survey to compile customer satisfaction, in relation to its service.  The company has a customer base that includes all types of organisations, including NHS Foundation Trusts, membership organisations, housing providers, pension schemes and co-operatives.

Following such a busy year, UK Engage was keen to understand what customers thought of the service it delivered. Customers were invited to take part in an online satisfaction survey. The survey asked customers to rate key areas of service including: – overall satisfaction, sales and account management, products and service, and finally to compare its service to other election service providers.

54% of the customers that received the survey completed it, which was an increase on the previous year.

Key highlights were: –

  • 100%* overall satisfaction – all respondents rated the overall service ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’
  • Respondents rated satisfaction with both sales and account management as 100%*
  • Excellent scores were noted for the quality, reliability, design and value for money of our products
  • Customer service and attention to detail were rated highly for excellence when it came to service
  • 100%* respondents would recommend us to other organisations

Stephen Power, Services Director said of the survey results “Customer service is something which is embedded in our company culture. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and it is our ethos to help our customers to overcome challenges. We are particularly pleased with the response rate we received this year, which was up by 48% on 2015. We are extremely proud of the overall satisfaction score of 98%, which far exceeds our customer service target of 90%.”

Managing Director, John Foster, added “To achieve such a high satisfaction score is fantastic news for us. The UK Engage brand was our response to a growing need for innovative and engaging election services, for both public and private sector organisations. Delivering democracy is our core goal; however our talent for providing engaging communications, across a multitude of online and offline channels, has helped our clients to achieve improved participation.”

To review the results of the survey, download here>>

For more information about UK Engage, please contact us: –

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 *100% satisfaction in this instance means that customers rated the service as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’

UK Engage announces a ‘yes’ vote

November 21st, 2016

It’s a ‘yes’ for Stockport BID ballot


UK Engage, one of the leading election service providers in the country, has declared a ‘yes’ result in favour of a Business Improvement District (BID) for Stockport town centre, following its administration of the postal ballot.

Local business ratepayers, from within the district boundary, were able to vote in the ballot to decide whether the Business Improvement District went ahead, during September and October 2016.

The BID saw three local businesses work together on the project.  The team, contracted by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, included local community interest group, Vision Stockport – which championed the BID to create a more vibrant town centre, and Independent Scrutineer, UK Engage, to manage the postal ballot, including the declaration of the result.

A total of 193 businesses decided to vote in the ballot, with 125 voting in favour – representing a 64.7% majority vote.  The ‘yes’ vote means that from 1st April 2017 funds will be available for businesses to spend on projects to improve the local town centre.

Stockport’s Business Improvement District is the 252nd to be approved in the UK, highlighting the growing popularity of the BID movement. The North West alone is home to a number of established and emerging BIDs across its cities and town centres, each with their own aims, agendas and funding pots that their hereditaments have paid in to.

Craig Poyser, agent of the ballot holder at UK Engage said: “UK Engage is an experienced election services provider and we carry out BID ballots for councils across the UK.  Working with Stockport is particularly satisfying for us as, being located near to the district area, we will be able to see first-hand the improvements which will be made from 2017.”

“As the holder of the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Standard we strive to provide a service that is second-to-none, and we are always delighted to hear that the service we have provided has been well-received. We are happy to have received great feedback from Stockport Council and wish the team all the best as it proceeds into the implementation phase of the BID.”

For more information about UK Engage and our ballot service call 0161 209 4808 or email



ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001 Annual Audit Pass

September 8th, 2016

Zero non-conformity ISO pass for election services provider, UK Engage


As part of our ongoing commitment to information security and quality management, UK Engage is pleased to announce that we have passed our annual audit for ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001, with zero non-conformities.

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standard provides a way of ensuring that a common set of policies, procedures and controls are in place to manage risks to information security. It provides a framework for the management of information security risks, which ensures we take into account legal and regulatory requirements.

The ISO 9001 certification is internationally recognised as the most established quality framework, focussed on increasing efficiencies, preventing errors and improving customer service.

UK Engage takes information security and quality management very seriously. The company is committed to going above and beyond what the policies require to ensure its customers and all data is in the safest hands and that we continue to provide the best service possible.

The retention of both accreditations is crucial to UK Engage as it continues to provide electoral services for some the country’s leading membership organisations, which have stringent internal procedures in relation to their supply chains.

UK Engage Customer Services & Production Manager, Craig Poyser said of the audit pass.

“UK Engage has always been committed to the security of information, customer service, quality and efficiency.  Having held ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification for four years, we have successfully passed our annual audit for 2016, with zero non-conformities.  This has helped instill a higher level of confidence with our customers. Our security frameworks are constantly evolving and developing to ensure our service mirrors that required by our customers, the audit structure ensures we are on the right path.”

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UK Engage to exhibit at MemberWise’s ‘Harnessing the Web’ Conference

September 7th, 2016

The first-time exhibitor will showcase its range of election services for membership organisations

UK Engage, one of the country’s leading providers of election services, is preparing to exhibit at the ‘Harnessing the Web’ Conference for the first time.

The one-day conference, which takes place in London on 4th October 2016, is organised by MemberWise, the UK’s leading network for membership organisations and associations.  The conference will address key issues around membership organisations and how technology plays a part in member engagement.

As a first-time exhibitor UK Engage is looking forward to meeting some of the country’s leading membership organisations to address how it can assist with key technological challenges, especially in relation to digital membership democracy and elections, internal digital engagement, online member engagement and User Experience / Member Experience (Ux/Mx).

As an election services provider, offering a range of e-democracy services, as well as traditional paper-based options, UK Engage will be on hand at Stand 20 to discuss a range of online services, such as e-voting and online candidate nominations, as well as its range of services to help organisations better engage with members via technology.

“UK Engage is delighted to be exhibiting at MemberWise’s ‘Harnessing the Web’ conference.  As a leading provider of multi-channel election services, the majority of our client’s now use incorporate some kind of technology when delivering democratic processes such as board, council and committee elections” says General Manager of UK Engage, Andy Tye.

He continued “UK Engage prides itself on supporting membership organisations in engaging members early on in the election process. By making the election experience better for members, in addition to simplifying the usability of our systems, clients often benefit from improved member participation in both the nomination and voting stages of an election.”

UK Engage is looking forward to sharing some of its success stories with delegates, in particular the work it has done with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, The Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the British Sociological Society, to name a few.

UK Engage has been a registered supplier of the MemberWise network since 2015. Representatives of UK Engage will be on Stand 20, Victoria Park Plaza, London on 4th October 2016, to welcome delegates.

For more information contact Clara Robinson, Marketing Manager on the contact details below.

Tel: 0161 209 4808


BID ballot services from UK Engage

April 6th, 2016

UK Engage looks at the typical stages of  a BID ballot

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are a mechanism of improving a trading environment and enhancing its profitability by bringing local businesses and other stakeholders together. The decision to have a Business Improvement District will is determined via a BID ballot.  BIDs have been operating in the UK for over 10 years and are increasing in popularity, with well over 200 BIDs now established across the UK1.

There are many stages of a BID. From scoping and feasibility, to a successful ballot and implementation of the BID. UK Engage, one of the country’s leading election services providers, has administered numerous BID ballots across the country. Working in partnership with both BID companies and local authorities we administer BID ballots for new BIDs and renewal BIDs. UK Engage looks at the typical stages of a BID ballot.

Notice of ballot:

This can happen anywhere between 42 to 90 days before ballot day2. BID ballot providers, will notify BID-eligible hereditaments of the arrangements for the forthcoming BID ballot, on behalf of the local authority. At this stage some authorities will include the business plan in the notice of ballot.

Management of the proxy process:

Once hereditaments are notified of the ballot they can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf, if they so wish. This can be done by via a simple application form and can be managed by the Independent Scrutineer, which can be the BID ballot provider or the local authority.

BID ballot paper mailing:

A BID ballot period is a minimum of 28 days in duration. BID ballot providers will send out printed ballot papers to hereditaments with instructions on how to vote and a reply-paid envelope to return the vote. One hereditament will get one vote; they will be asked if they are in favour of the BID and asked to sign to say they are. If the authority has not included the business plan at the notice of ballot stage, it will be included within the ballot pack.

Reminder to vote:

During the ballot phase, some local authorities will work with their BID ballot provider to send out reminders to hereditaments that haven’t voted, in order to encourage voter turnout. This is an option some councils like to consider.

Count and result declaration:

Following the ballot period and close of ballot, the Independent Scrutineer will count the votes. After certifying the turnout – both by total number and aggregate rateable value, and the total number and aggregate rateable value of the votes cast in favour. BID ballot providers will then declare the result to the authority. Finally, if required, a letter can be sent to hereditaments to inform them of the result.

For more information or to enquire about how UK Engage can support your BID ballot, please contact us:

Tel: 0161 209 4808



[1] British BIDs website
[2] Statutory Instruments – 2004 No. 2443 Local Government, England. The Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004

UK Engage: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Update

April 1st, 2016

UK Engage’s charitable donations & ethical employment

1 April 2016

As a business that is committed to our corporate social responsibility programme, we are constantly considering the broader impact of our company actions. UK Engage ensures that we are acting responsibly in key areas including the environment, wellbeing of employees and the wider community.

Charitable donations
This year UK Engage asked members of staff to choose charities which were close to their hearts. Once we had all the nominations, we had a clearer idea of where charitable donations would go to for 2016. The charities which staff nominated were Cancer Research, UNICEF and Help for Heroes.

Also, as part of our activity within our local community, we support local charities and outreach programmes, including Circus Starr. Circus Starr is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support local businesses and local children’s charities. UK Engage purchases tickets from a unique donated ticket programme that allows thousands of children to attend free shows.

Ethical employment
When recruiting staff, UK Engage has always been eager to encourage diversity in the workplace, providing equal opportunities for staff regardless of gender, age marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion.

The company’s appraisal system provides two-way communication. As the employer, UK Engage can review an individual’s strengths and progress and construct development plans for each person and in turn, employees can have the opportunity to discuss their role and thoughts about the company in a confidential, friendly and safe environment.

Other factors that reflect our socially responsible approach include:

• Offering appropriate levels of remuneration and rewards. UK Engage regularly benchmarks its levels of pay against other companies to ensure it is competitive. And, in relation to the Government’s new National Living Wage, we will pay employees the new rate of pay, whatever their age, according to contract terms.
• Development and training is offered so employees are better able to carry out their duties and are more motivated in their work.
• The creation of a healthy and safe working environment so employees feel safe at work.
• The prevention of any form of harassment in the workplace.

UK Engage has various policies, procedures and accreditations such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, Customer Service Excellence (CSE) and Investors in People (IIP), which help to guide us and focus our corporate social responsibility efforts with both internal and external stakeholders.

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