AGM Services, EGMs and other types of voting

Non-government and corporate elections take many forms. Here are just a few that benefit from the experience offered by UK Engage

AGM business conference
AGM Services – Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
The whole process of conducting AGMs with all their obligatory formalities can sometimes seem as trying and complex as any other aspect of running your company. UK Engage can manage and carry out the entire member engagement and corporate election process of your AGM professionally, securely and efficiently, leaving you free to do what you are there to do – run your company. With our extensive experience in all aspects of member and shareholder communications, we offer efficient and cost-effective AGM services. From user-friendly voter packs and other communications to independent collation and verification of results, all with guaranteed integrity of secure or sensitive information. As with most other forms of corporate election, UK Engage can provide AGM services and voting solutions in other media such as hand-held voting devices, email, web, SMS and touch-tone as well as paper-based, but all with appropriate attention to the new technical challenges involving security and confidentiality.

Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)
Almost by definition, EGMs require even more professional care than an AGM because they are often at short notice so require some urgency within a fixed time frame. Also, many may involve an element of discord between parties involved so have an even greater need for scrupulous attention to the obligatory formalities. At UK Engage, we have extensive experience in EGM documentation and ballots as well as every other form of corporate election, and can be trusted to carry out the process not only ‘to the letter’ but also within budget and time scale.

Company referenda
It may happen that a Board is presented with an opportunity requiring a decision at short notice but, by its constitution, needs a mandate from the shareholders or members. No problem for UK Engage; we can create a bespoke consultation package to manage every stage of company referenda from initial notification to response handling and final independent verification.
Whether a ballot is a necessary formality, an exercise in member engagement or simply an opinion poll to identify general feelings, whether it is multiple option or a simple yes/no, UK Engage can create a quick and efficient solution with full verification and traceability as standard.

Member ballots
Any membership-based organisation, from a trading co-operative to a charitable body or campaign group, is built on the accessibility of its members to the whole policy and decision-making process as well as the transparency of that process itself. They want their voices to be heard and they also want to be sure that the response is fair and honest, whether they are taking part in a formal ballot or passing on their thoughts in an opinion poll. UK Engage has provided such services to a wide variety of organisations of all statuses, enabling them to retaining the members’ sense of belonging as well as making full and constructive use of the feedback. As with many other services, UK Engage is equally at home managing a paper-based ballot or using email, SMS or other electronic formats.

No one doubts that knowledge is power in the commercial world just as in the political arena and the opinions of your customer base are a vital part of your deciding on the way forward for your business. Whether you are looking to a market survey to judge customer satisfaction or an opinion poll of a wider audience, UK Engage can independently survey, collate, compile and present information that could prove essential to your next decision. Where appropriate, we can also in-build incentives to any market survey to trigger reaction to maximise the response rate.
You may also want to measure the general feelings of your shareholders or members without launching an actual ballot. Here, an opinion poll can prove to be a vital tool just as it is in the market survey arena, delivering accurate and comprehensive feedback as well as assuring stakeholders that they are being heard and heeded.

Contact us today and find out how election services from UK Engage can help with AGM voting, EGMs and company referenda.