Election services for NHS Foundation Trusts

UK Engage offers innovative and effective solutions for Foundation Trust Elections

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UK Engage is a trusted provider of electoral services to the NHS foundation trust sector.  We administer Council of Governor Elections on behalf of foundation trusts across the UK.  The UK Engage account management team uses its expertise to deliver an election process tailored to the specific needs of foundation trusts and their staff and public members.

Electoral participation is a key measure of member engagement and UK Engage has become the provider of choice for trusts that want to have contested elections and improved electoral turnout.  We provide electoral services to acute trusts, ambulance trusts, community trusts, mental health trusts and specialist trusts.

Our package includes the traditional postal nomination forms, candidate statements, ballot packs and marketing communications alongside electronic alternatives such as online nominations, e-voting, email and SMS communications.  For most NHS elections we provide both printed and electronic solutions. Our professionally-designed election materials are popular with foundation trusts as the style and format is more engaging than black and white election materials. Since the revision of the Model Rules we have helped numerous foundations trusts to incorporate e-voting into their constitutions.

Our overall approach is to ensure that the regulatory requirements of the election are fulfilled, the interests of the Trust are properly served and the needs and expectations of your members are met.

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