Integrating electronic solutions to support your democratic process

Our solutions

We provide a range of electronic solutions to support you – from the initial engagement with your audience, though to nomination and election phases of your election timeline, we can provide solutions that enhance the election process.

Our solutions to support the crucial stages of nomination and elections phases of any given election offer benefits such as security, accessibility and simplicity. Our online nomination and internet voting platforms are widely used across a multitude of sectors and organisations. Used alone, alongside a paper ballot or as part of a multi-channel approach our solutions are fit for purpose and have noticeable differences to others that are available.

Internet voting

We provide a secure internet voting platform that allows voters to cast an electronic vote in an election or referendum or submit a proxy vote for a General Meeting. All popular voting systems, including first past the post (FPTP) and the single transferable vote (STV) are available.

UK Engage leads the way in engagement through design in the way we develop printed postal ballot packs. This expertise has been applied to our electronic voting platform providing internet voting sites that reflect a client’s corporate identity requirements and are in line with the triple A standard of the W3C web content accessibility guidelines.

Key benefits of our internet voting system:

  • Functionality: Allows voters to cast their votes securely, quickly and easily.
  • Value: It can be used alone or alongside paper voting to obtain the best outcome and value for your election.
  • Security: Secure platform assures ballot confidentiality and peace of mind for our clients and their voters.
  • Accessibility: Voting can happen anywhere, at any time – at the convenience of the voter.
  • Engagement: Voters can engage with individual candidates through interactive election statements.
  • Optimisation: The platform allows a true online experience and is optimised for use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Communication: Voters can share their experience, telling friends and contacts they have voted via embedded social media channels.
  • Reporting: Direct access to real-time reporting on turnout and voting patterns.
  • Environment: Reduces the effect your election, ballot, referendum or general meeting has on the environment.

To complement our internet voting platform we also provide a range of electronic and online election services:

  • Online nomination platform.
  • Bespoke election microsites.
  • Email marketing service.
  • SMS marketing service.
  • Social media engagement.

If you would like to talk to UK Engage about how to integrate our online election services in to you Election Process, please call us today on 0161 209 4808 or email us at